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As ceiling-mounted conveyor system or as steel structure

This program includes fittings for constructing a manual monorail system - a rail system mounted on the ceiling.

The monorail system is primarily designed for conveying manufacturing parts or equipment from point A to point B.

Due to its numerous options with curves, switches, and turntables, our system is often referred to as a railway beneath the ceiling.

In our e-catalogue, you can quickly and easily match the corresponding fittings using the type guide system (Type 10-70).

Our flexible range also allows you to implement individual projects.


These are the typical applications for our monorail systems:

  • Material supply
  • Warehousing
  • Workplace assembly
  • Powder coating facilities
  • Galvanizing plants
  • Laundries 
  • Agriculture (animal feeding, product transport)
  • Tool or component supply in mechanical engineering

For application areas with existing ovens, we also offer heat-resistant components. For storage systems in cold environments cold-resistant components are available.

Get an overview and take a look at our e-catalogue!


With the numerous curves, switches, transport trailers, and brackets available in our range, you can realize almost any planned system. Custom designs are also possible.

We are happy to assist you in assembling all the parts necessary for your project. If you send us a sketch or drawing, we will provide you with a tailored proposal or an individualized quote.

Feel free to use our calculator for manual monorail systems as well!

You need 3D drawings for your planning or for your construction?

We would be happy to assist you!

If you require more information, please use our contact form and also take a look at our sliding gate configurator!

Monorail requirements (structural perspective):

  • Sustainable construction (statics) or a load-bearing ceiling (statics)
  • Adequate suspension points / options (at least every 750 mm)
  • Support or fastening points
  • Possibly suspension points or rail reinforcement

For a quotation, please provide us with the following information:

  • Maximum load per trolley
  • Number of trolleys required
  • Structure for mounting the manual monorail
  • Route layout and desired direction of travel
  • Specifics such as ovens or refrigeration rooms

During assembly, please consider definitely these points:

  • We do not carry out installations ourselves. An appropriate metalworker should undertake this work.
  • The legal requirements according to the BGV (German regulations for accident prevention) must be adhered to by the respective metalworker.
  • The fastening points must also be observed. If this is not possible, reinforcements must be installed.
  • Are on-site appointments possible? We would be glad to arrange individual appointments with you on-site to provide reliable support during the planning phase!

For more information, please use our contact form or call us: +49 2195 9107-17 / -34.
We look forward to supporting you reliably and competently!

We look forward to advising and supporting you professionally!

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