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Room doors

Our room door and furniture fittings for Weights from 6-80 kg

We also offer you do-it-yourself solutions! :-)

This program provides fitting sets for interior sliding doors, wardrobe sliding doors, folding sliding doors, swing doors and room dividers.

Even as a layperson you can easily carry out the installation of these fittings.

Our fitting sets enable you to create individual solutions with almost limitless creative potential.

The suitable fitting for your project is included. Are you still looking for a suitable module or would you like to have a sample with our fittings to integrate into your sales area?

Sliding door aluminium, up to 80 kg

Glass door/Room door: Room sliding door fitting up to 80 kg

We have designed the room sliding door fitting with an aluminium track for door weights of up to 80 kg. When using the additional fitting (item number 80059), you can also move two doors of up to 80 kg each in the track.

If you use the glass clamp holder (item number 85802), the room sliding door fitting becomes a glass sliding door fitting.

Please ensure a straight and plumb installation of the track for optimal operation of the roller carriages.

Sliding door: Steel sliding door fitting up to 40 kg

Room door: Interior sliding door fitting up to 40 kg

This fitting is suitable for an interior sliding door weighing up to 40 kg.

The upper attachment of the door is done in a steel track, where two roller modules run in pairs, attached to each door leaf.

At the bottom, the door leaf is guided by plastic floor guides. You can screw these guides on both sides next to the door leaf, allowing the door leaf to run between them.

Alternatively, you can provide the door leaves with a central groove on the lower side, through which the plastic floor guide then slides.

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