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Folding doors

Our space-saving folding door fittings for gate weights from 120 to 700 kg

When to choose a folding door?

We recommend folding doors when there is limited space around the opening or when you specifically want to save space.

When constructing folding doors, the following technical details should be considered:

  • For the smooth operation of a wing door, a door leaf should not be wider than 1 meter.
    Please note: Each used roller apparatus must be able to support the weight of 1.5 folding door leaves! The pivot points of folding door roller apparatus, hinge flaps and lower guides must align precisely. In addition, a floor guide is required for all folding walls.
  • To prevent overloading the track when folding door systems are open, choose a distance of 350 mm to a maximum of 500 mm to the third rail fastening.

Example of a folding door on a wooden structure:

The special feature here is the combination of folding door variants and the (externally) invisible track in the closed state. The doors conceal the track and sleeves from the outside. On-site, the roller apparatus and the guide roller are offset. Easily solved by doubling with a wooden slat. The door now closes outside of the track and not beneath it.

In our short video and the following list (variants A-E), you can see the possible folding door options.

You are planning a folding door and would appreciate our assistance?

Feel free to use our folding door configurator. Based on your input, you will receive promptly all the desired information and suitable product recommendations.

Please send us your specific questions via our contact form.

Or call us! The qualified staff of our technical department will assist you reliably, in folding door calculations, etc.: +49 2195 9107-17 / -34.

Subsequently, you will receive an overview of all the items required for your folding door project, such as our space-saving folding door fittings for gate weights from 120 to 700 kg, hinge flaps, folding door rollers, folding door roller apparatus, center rollers, construction bands and drive bolts.

Furthermore, we would be happy preparing a customized offer for you or providing you with information regarding an available dealer nearby

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