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Custom-made solutions

In addition to our large range of sliding door fittings, conveyor technology, rollers and DIY products, we also offer custom-made solutions upon request. This applies to injection moulding (plastic), laser technology, bent parts, stamped parts, turned parts as well as welding constructions.

Our technical department staff would be happy to assist you with 2D and 3D constructions as well.

Custom-made solutions typically depend on the desired quantity, as we need to consider the individual use of raw materials, separate setup times as well as the production of tools and moulds.

Therefore, we ask for your understanding that we must evaluate your request not only in terms of technical feasibility but also related to its economic viability.

As custom-made solutions from our range, we offer, among others, the conversion of existing roller conveyors to heat-resistant ball bearings, the adaptation of an existing rope or pulley in terms of outer diameter, drill holes, bearing, or groove as well as the shortening of our numerous types of tracks to a desired length.

For custom-made solutions not included in our range, we look forward to your individual inquiry, preferably including an illustrative drawing.

For more information, please use our contact form or call us: +49 2195 9107-17 / -34.
We look forward to supporting you reliably and competently!

We are happy to accompany you starting from your idea on the "symbolic beer mat" to the 2D/3D construction or rather to the finished product!

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