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Sliding door roller set

NEW! From now on we offer for our sliding door rollers a set containing flat steel, wall brackets and guide roller. Our tip: Just order it with your next sliding door roller delivery.             

Room divider sliding door set

NEW! Do you have it, too -  the dream of a walk-in closet? We fulfil your dream now! Our set containing bottom rollers, track and sliders can be mounted very easy and is the optimal solution for do-it-yourselfer!  Our tip: It is also qualified for mounting of several doors in a row! 


Pavilion set

NEW! Do you know this? You wake up in the morning and when you look into your garden, you see that the furniture in your pavilion is wet, although it is roofed? We have the solution! Our set containing an aluminium track, brackets and curtain rollers can be mounted very easy round the pavilion roof and can be added with rain-proof curtains. Now your furniture will keep dry, even by storm. Brilliant! Our tip:  It is qualified for storing your furniture in the pavilion in winter!    Self-closing runner 200 - 1.200 kg load NEW! From now on we have got self-closing runner in our range. Whether for storing in shelving system, vehicle construction, for ramps, for demo shelves, work benches, museums constructions, heavy drawers or load areas, our stuff will help you to find the optimal solution for your application. Our tip: Contact us by mail. 


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